Paris with children

We have visited Paris on different occasions but it was during our motorhome tour of France, Belgium and the Netherlands where we were able to spend a little more time visiting the city. We took advantage of the fact that we were taking the motorhome in Paris to arrive a day earlier and leave a day after the rental. Happytravelkids In Paris with Kids.

As a challenge we had to make the children enjoy walking and enjoying the city, creating interest in everything we were going to see, we have to say that they are champions of walking! 

Paris has plenty of things and activities to do, between monuments, strolling through its neighborhoods, parks and museums I think that not even a whole week would be enough to visit it and get to know it thoroughly.

Here we show you our route and the material we use so that the children can participate in the visit and decide what they want to see.

  • Montmatre

paris montmatreLocated on top of the hill and with the city at his feet stands the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, with its white stone construction is very characteristic. Just below its staircase is a typical Parisian merry-go-round. The views from there are spectacular. Also from there you can stroll through Montmartre, we recommend that you go very early because it is a very busy area, and it is worth enjoying it a little alone. paris children

  • Grand Boulevards.

Enjoy the store windows, and observe the life of the Parisian cafes. As a mandatory stop we recommend the Galeries Lafayette, children will love to walk through their toy section. To top it off, go up to its terrace, it is free and has incredible views of the city.

  • Plaza de la Concordia. 

Important square in the heart of the city. This square is famous because here was the famous guillotine that executed Marie Antoinette, in its place was put the Egyptian obelisk. This story fascinated our kids.

  • Tuileries Garden

Strolling and relaxing in a park is always a good option, children can run and play. A bit of relaxation from the constant hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Musée d'Orsay.

paris van gogh childrenThis magnificent museum is located in an old station, both the building and all the impressionist works inside are worth visiting, if you go with children at the information point will give you a booklet for children to fill in as they pass through the different rooms of the museum, finding curiosities and awakening their interest in these works. 

  • Stroll along the Seine

paris childrenThe walk along the river is always a very good option, although it is true that everything seems closer than it is in the end. So we made some stops to have a snack, and rest looking at the river, or the different places where the locals are, doing skate or sport.

A good option is to take a Bateau Mouche on the river so you can rest a little while we travel along the river enjoying the views.

  • Eiffel Tower

paris childrenA symbol par excellence of Paris and no wonder, the children were dying to see it. We took the opportunity to lie down on the Champ de Mars and have a little picnic on the lawn while watching the sunset. Going towards the Trocadero you will see that there is a merry-go-round, you also have some food stalls, we bought some savory crepes for children

  • Notre-Dame

Although it is currently under construction, a visit is a must. Observing the gargoyles of its towers, it is easy to imagine the Hunchback hanging from them.

  • Louvre Museum.

Although we did not visit it this time, it was left pending for another time, especially to see the Egyptian exhibits that fascinate the children. For them, just seeing the glass dome at the entrance was worth it.


disney castleIf you travel to Paris with children you can't miss this incredible Resort. Here you have all the information.

Before traveling to Paris, we tried to get them to watch some movies like Ballerina, Ratatouille, Cartoons like Lady Bug, as well as many documentaries or Youtube videos from Bloggers about the city. 
We also have the Explorer's Kit from Triphood Cluband the Lonely Planet children's guide(this guide does not talk so much about the touristic part of the city, but about many curiosities, so they get a lot of attention and have fun learning).

Thanks to these media, the children already had in mind what we would see and we awakened curiosity in them.

paris children

We invite you to read our recommendations in these magnificent destinations!

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