Having a dream and finally being able to make it come true is the best feeling there is. If we do it as a family and with our kids, even more so. We hope you find inspiration to travel and see the world. We continue to be inspired by many traveling families, who like us, share their experiences, we invite you to get to know us.

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Our tips for your first


If you've never traveled with children before, here are some tips on how to get started and how to make sure your trip is enjoyable and safe. We talk a lot about this, and other tips in our blog posts, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of our updates.

How to choose the destination

Choosing destinations is a very important but fun task, just keep in mind a couple of tips that we will give you!

Keeping everything under control

The travel organization ensures that your trip is safer so you will only have a positive experience.

Be realistic, keep in mind that there are different ways of travel

Sometimes things happen not the way we plan them. Especially when we change our way of traveling and adapt it to our children. But don't worry, they adapt better than adults to everything! Besides, there are always alternatives!

Meet more people

In our travels we have found that children are a great way to get to know the locals, and feel like you are in a more familiar environment.

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Family camping

Our list of things to take camping Here we leave you everything we take camping! Tent. This year we have decided to buy a bigger tent with a place to put our stuff and to take shelter if it is very cold or raining. This tent is ideal for 4/5 people, it has two separate compartments for sleeping...

Montessori and Waldorf toys

Here you will find Montessori and Waldorf material for manipulation, exploration, acquisition of new concepts related to mathematical and written language, constructions... all in the characteristic chromatism of the rainbow. Here you can find other selections of very cool sensory play. Montessori toys Kit building blocks Stones balance Silicone game Rainbow Rainbow fruits and vegetables toy House locks montesori Game...

Train Street

 The mini-worlds recreate scenarios of the world. They are created with diverse and natural material and complemented with small characters such as animals or people. With them, children represent lived or imagined situations. With them the little travelers can play to recreate scenarios visited in their travels as the jungle, the farm, the forest, the seabed ... Create your own mini-worlds Pieces...